In addition to a website, also assisting your visitors through an app? Or maybe you want an app for internal use? The possibilities are endless! By fully customizing mobile apps and software apllication, all functions can be added based on your wishes. 

In short, mobile apps are suitable for both as an additional service and optimization of internal business processes. Interested in how other Laméco clients have utilized an app? We're happy to share references with you.

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What kind of mobile apps do we create?

For mobile apps for both tablets and smartphones, Laméco can offer you the right solution. IOS (Apple) or Android does not matter to us. We mainly build hybrid apps, which can be used for all operating systems. Are you looking for an HTML5 app, progressive web app, or any other kind of app? Just ask! We employ highly experienced programmers who always have a solution for you. We have the most experience in apps used in a B2B environment.

Our method when developing an app

We think it is very important that we have a clear understanding of what the goal of the mobile app is. Do you want to provide additional support to clients or just provide more information? Do you want the app to be used internally to improve your processes? Together with the project team, we will honor your wishes and determine the best possibilities for the development of your mobile app. 

Want to know more about mobile apps?

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