Easy and open communication within your company? But uncertain on how to implement this? A social intranet could be your solution, whether cmpletely tailored made or a standard solution.

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From a traditional to a social intranet

The development of traditional intranet to social intranet has evolved in the recent years. While users at traditional intranet could only be informed by administrators, they can also actively participate in a conversation in a social intranet. This makes employees more involved in the company and business processes can be optimized by, faster sharing of knowledge between colleagues.

Departments can also create groups that make the messages only visible to colleagues who need to see them.

A tailor-made social intranet

Because we like to think along with you and offer you the best solution, we can customize practically everything. This way, we can take all your specific wishes into account during the development process. Do you want to optimize the intranet further while using? Of course, this is not a problem! We can also complement each intranet with a mobile app to support employees on the go.

Are you using other systems that needs to be linked? No problem, we can link this with for example, Office 365, Exact or Google Drive.

Would you like to use a social intranet but do not you have the time to make it customized? Take a look at our own Redshoe intranet, an intranet that is designed to make communication fun and easy. Want to have more information? Contact us to request a demo. 

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