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Your product, machine or service that is always connected to make life easier for the user, Laméco can help you with Internet of Things. Intelligent devices are taking over the internet. These "smart" devices can communicate with the user, the internet or even with each other. Through continuous data exchange of everyday devices, processes are optimized and costs reduced.

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Internet of what?

The Internet is taking over the world. Internet of Things allows devices to become more intelligent through a connection to the internet. As you indicate how they react to certain situations, they can then make their own decisions. In addition, as a user, you can receive more information through a continuous connection.

Different business processes can be optimized by using Internet of Things. For example, this can be used during the logistic process or during care.

How do we connect with internet?

Laméco helps you with the software side of Internet of Things. We hereby make the connection to the internet or the app in which this is managed. Often these applications run on an API, a central place to properly manage and exchange all data and information.

The most unique systems are developed by linking the knowledge of your organization with the knowledge of our team. Also take a look at our cases to see what we've already achieved.

Do you want us to think along with you to optimize your business processes? We would be happy to visit you sometime!

What is the LAPI?

The LAPI, or the Laméco API, is an API where data can be sent to and with which own systems can be developed. For example, a factory that has "offline" sensors to measure certain things, such as the current stock, this data can be send to the LAPI. Based on this data, a notification can be created displayed in an app or website. This can also be linked to machine learning, which will recognize in advance when a sensor can give a specific notification. This makes it a very convenient solution!

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