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Who is SailWise?

SailWise advocates that water sports and active vacations on the water are ideal means of contributing to the independence and self-ability of people with disabilities and/or chronic diseases. With its diverse disciplines, water sport offers challenging opportunities for everyone.


SailWise was looking for a distinctive website that would relate well to the target audience with a reliable look and thus ensure the right conversions. In addition, they wanted to place the booking system in an online platform to work more efficient with a smaller margin of error.


First of all, we started to ensure that all components from planning to bookings could be accommodated in a customized online platform, which governs all activities and bookings. This system is then used as a source for their offers on the new and target audience based website. Finally, the communication, invoicing and login for participants and supervisors have been added.

SailWise offers a varied and challenging water sports program with attention to everybody's wishes and possibilities. This is exactly what the website needs to send out, the texts are big and clear and there is an opportunity to read out everything from the site.

  • The website is tailored to the target audience, everything is very clearly defined and easy to find

  • The offering of activities is always up to date through a direct link with the booking system

SailWise bookingsystem

To ensure that SailWise can work more efficiently, faster and less error-sensitive, we have developed an online booking system. In this system, SailWise can schedule plans, manage actual invoices and we have also automated this as much as possible. To achieve this we work intensively together in a scrum process.

  • The entire system is running in a secure environment with different user types who have different permissions to properly distribute the tasks.

  • Many steps occur automatically, the system automatically generates invoices and sends important information to participants and supervisors at the times it is required.

  • Participants and SailWise supervisors can log in at any time to check all data with regard to booked activities.

M. Meijers
Michiel Meijers

Manager at SailWise

With the development of our new website and booking system, Laméco has created a tool for us to make our processes more efficient. Customization that fits into the complex process of matching care/guidance questions from our customers and the (care) competencies of our volunteer team. The collaboration with and inventive input from Laméco is worth more than compliments.

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