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Who is Pleuger

Pleuger Water Solutions offers solutions for controlling and purifying communal and industrial water. Since 1962, they have provided custom solutions to customers, which involve issues relating to the relocation or purification of water. Proper operation and long service life of the installations is paramount thanks to top quality materials.


A clear and reliable online look with the various applications of Pleuger clearly visible in a style that fits the company, with that question, Pleuger arrived at Laméco. A good collaboration started with a successfull online marketing process and continued to with seeking online solutions to better inform clients in regard to the delivered installations.


Initially, Laméco and Pleuger, developed a new website together that is more in line with the company and the solutions it offers, after which we have continued optimization into an SEO and SEA process. Later, the collaboration continued with the development of a portal in which customers can find purchased information systems and also plan in meetings or plan maintenance.


Pleuger offers solutions aimed at the different sectors where total solutions for water management and water purification are applicable. This is clearly communicated on the website by naming these sectors directly on the homepage and naming the targeted solutions within that sector. Visitors can thus find the desired direction within the total solutions offered.

  • Clear division based on sectors and applications

  • A reliable look that suits Pleuger


Laméco has helped Pleuger with increasing their online success by optimizing different texts for the search engines. This takes into account the search volume and relevance for Pleuger. After the texts have been optimized, campaigns started in Google AdWords. These campaigns and SEO pages are optimized on a monthly basis based on the results in Google Analytics.


Pleuger wanted to create a personal portal for clients with an overview of their chosen solution. In this portal, Pleuger's clients can first and foremost see when the last maintenance was needed and when maintenance is required, this maintenance can also be scheduled directly in the portal. Furthermore, the system offers the opportunity to search for information and history of all relevant parts of the solution. The data from the system is loaded from the Pleuger CRM package and to further manage client accounts a management system was developed.

  • Personalized overview of all relevant data per Pleuger client

  • Import of data which can be tracked in a known location and makes the margin of error smaller

Edwin Kamp
Edwin Kamp

Sales Engineer at Pleuger Water Solutions

We have experienced the cooperation with Laméco as very nice. The implementation of the portal went well and there were enough feedback moments during the process. Laméco thought well together with us and is available to help with any questions/problems even after delivery.

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